"A visionary is an artist

who creates what is seen in the unseen." -AA

At the age of three, I saw myself using fashion for philanthropy. I knew I was given a gift to one day transform the world. Transform and expose what has not been exposed before. As a child, imagination was my greatest friend. My hands were my entertainment. Together they helped me bring to life fantasy worlds. They still continue to do so.  A lover of art and design, I create with great adoration for the world around me. Inspiration is found in all elements of life. I find such joy in creating something priceless out of forgotten treasures. When I am on the hunt for supplies, all is fair game. Finders Keepers! I search the world over for discarded wonders that look as if they have magnificent stories to tell. There is no method to the creation process. It's just simple island girl innovation. I manipulate until a piece is beautiful from every angle. Through sewing, painting, screen printing, hand beading, and hand embroidering, a piece then takes on a new form. Thus a masterpiece is born. Unique in every way. No two are alike.

The Journey Home Collection pours out from my soul, inspired by a love for the people and culture of that ten island archipelago I call paradise.


I introduce to you Bolsa Verde, the only Green Luxury bag line, and Menina Verde, the only Green Ready-To-Wear line.


Welcome to the world inside of my head. Enjoy the Ride...


Ashley Alves

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Ashley Alves Collection is the sustainable luxury brand on a mission to inspire change. It’s premier collection, Bolsa Verde (Green Bag), defines the mission one bag at a time. Handcrafted from vintage fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials from around the world, each bag in the Bolsa Verde collection is a work of art with a unique story. The sustainable future is here! 






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