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Your Ashley Alves Collection handbag is a special creation. It will arrive with a birth certificate containing it’s unique number and provenance. Be sure to retain this card for personal access to exclusive brand services and repairs.

Ashley Alves Collection is committed to high quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. Each handbag is a one-of-a-kind mosaic of materials and cultural history. Ashley Alves hand sources vintage textiles, hardware accents, and innovative materials from markets in France, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Portugal, India, China, and Japan. Her source palette ranges from vibrant African wax fabric, 19th century french brocade, Block print kimono, to volcanic rock, Portuguese marbleized cork, and Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber. An Ashley Alves Collection handbag is your own work of art with a unique genealogy that will never be duplicated.

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