Sustainable Luxury 

A New Vision Forward 

BOLSA VERDE is an alchemy of timeless and innovative materials from around the world. Designer Ashley Alves searches markets in Mexico, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Portugal, Spain, France, India China, and Japan for vintage textiles, treasured hardware accents, and priceless inspiration. From vibrant African wax fabric, 19th century French brocade, block print kimono, to volcano rock, marbelized cork, pinnapple leaf fibers, she weaves together something uniquely BOLSA VERDE. Each bag is a work of art, a handcrafted story of Earth's natural history and the impact of humanity on it.

So Much More Than Just Gorgeous 




"Each Piece As Covetable As They Are Distinct"

Atlanta Magazine 2018

"Ethically Eclectic Works of Art"

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Ashley Alves Collection is the sustainable luxury brand on a mission to inspire change. It’s premier collection, Bolsa Verde (Green Bag), defines the mission one bag at a time. Handcrafted from vintage fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials from around the world, each bag in the Bolsa Verde collection is a work of art with a unique story. The sustainable future is here! 






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