The iconic mark of Ashley Alves Collection is the Double-A Golden Scarab. Luminous and jewel toned, the Scarab Beetle’s biological diversity spans our earth, while its cultural legacy spans our history. It embodies the cyclical rhythm of nature. It symbolizes the ingenuity of creation and transformation. The Double-A Golden Scarab marks our design ethic from blue-line sketch to final production. It is our mark of commitment to quality and artistry that draws on our shared history and is inspired by our place in the natural world.

Ashley Alves Collection is created with nature in mind.  We believe that nature, art, and fashion can come together to help restore the balance between our planet and humanity’s impact on it. Looking to the past, we redirect a future defined by sustainable luxury. Ethics matter to us, and this includes retelling the stories found in Old World fibers and treasures. Zero waste sustainability will ensure a brighter future. We continue to do our part, by reshaping the views of traditional fashion with our distinctive handbag silhouettes. We challenge the mold of modern luxury with our exclusivity. We are positive luxury on a mission to change the world one bag at a time, and most importantly, we are committed to making you sustainability timeless.






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