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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Welcome! Enjoy and share in on the journey!

Inspiration is a journey that must be traveled. This a belief that I implement literally. Every inspiration season begins with travel. The stories of nature and humanity from near and far divulge into my ears with such titillating fascination.

Among my many obsessions the most treasured run wild with stories of prehistoric Earth formations, ethereal natural wonders, decadent royal empires, sophisticated ancient civilizations, eccentric cultures, and iconic art periods. Traveling is the way in which I quench this thirst for knowledge, understanding, inspiration, and mostly importantly fabrics. I create from feeling. Thus, I must see it, feel it, and explore it to gain the inspiration to create. Each country I have visited serves as a source of feeling. When I am in France, I feel regal. When I am in Spain, I feel spicy. When I am in Africa, I feel rooted. The list goes on...

Capturing the unique stories of those regions sets the stage for an extraordinary masterpiece to be born. Envisioning myself as Marie Antionette, or Nefertiti while creating my pieces provides unimaginable depth. It is not one single feeling that creates the moment but the many feelings that translate that moment into something treasurable and special. My creations are the embodiment of that process and serve as physical representations of those feelings.

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Ashley Alves Collection is the sustainable luxury brand on a mission to inspire change. It’s premier collection, Bolsa Verde (Green Bag), defines the mission one bag at a time. Handcrafted from vintage fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials from around the world, each bag in the Bolsa Verde collection is a work of art with a unique story. The sustainable future is here! 






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