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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

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Passion ushers in clarity and vision. One must become a conduit of passion to ignite the power of genius-ness...

Many designers may come forward, but few are actually called to this lifestyle. A true visionary is validated through the fruit of his or her labors of love: Sacrifice, Vision, and Dedication. Ultimately, in this life you don’t get what you want; you get what you are working on… Currently and Constantly. This is crucially an important factor of “Destiny Manifesto”; this sole action is called having PASSION.

For many years the word Passion has been categorized as an overglorified synonym for artistic enthusiasm whereas is actuality it is an intense spiritual willingness to manifesting a treasured desire for a beloved talent or interest to the point of long suffering, pain, obsession, agony, indifference, and exhaustion. Passion is not a glamourous; It is a test of your faith that will hopefully result in the reaffirmation of your destiny. For this reason, the root of passion puts a yearning on your heart so torturous to your soul that it is only remediable by the fulfillment of pursuing that passion to eliminate the disappointment of unfulfilled potential, complacency or ordinary expectation.

One must let passion be the driving force that commands your destiny to manifest in your life. Passion is an action as well as an extreme emotional state of mind, body, and soul. Once you unlock how it directly relates to you physically and spiritually then you will never loose you compass for life.

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Ashley Alves Collection is the sustainable luxury brand on a mission to inspire change. It’s premier collection, Bolsa Verde (Green Bag), defines the mission one bag at a time. Handcrafted from vintage fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials from around the world, each bag in the Bolsa Verde collection is a work of art with a unique story. The sustainable future is here! 






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