Fauna | BV -10-2 | “The Nest Egg”


Price: $425.00


Oval Nest Clutch


Dimensions: 12"W x 1"D x 8.5"H


The | JOURNEY | Home Collection: Fauna


Faw • nuh | Free > Motivated


Inspired by the textures and colors of equatorial birds, this collection is for those colorful spirits who are equally at ease making their nests and expanding their horizons.


The Story Behind The Bag:

Designed with a nest in mind, this clutch is for the bird who appreciates economy when keeping her nest eggs secure and fashionably discreet. With just a touch of nostalgia, it’s a classy little character set apart by a modern and chic silhouette.


Material Heritage:

This bag comes with its unique “100% Handmade” Certificate of Provenance

• Remnant leather

• Copper magnet closures

• Rare vintage fabrics from select markets in Paris and San Francisco

• Solid walnut Fauna collection tag engraved in Poland, United Kingdom 

FAUNA | The Nest Egg - SOLD OUT

SKU: BV-14-1
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