Fogo | BV -05-1 | “Volcabana” (Volcano Hut)


Price: $625.00


Volcano Rock Hut Cross Body


Dimensions:  9"W x 2.5"D x 12"H – 24” Strap


Collection: Fogo


Fo • go  | Fire: Passionate  > Creative


Inspired by the only active volcanic island of Cabo Verde, this collection aligns with the passionate and creative soul whose element is regeneration and transformation.


The Story Behind The Bag:

For thousands of years, Pico do Fogo has shaped and nurtured its island home with lava flows. Since people first arrived on Fogo, they have used its mineral rich volcanic soil to cultivate coffee beans and vineyards and used its rock to build their homes. The unique profile of this cross-body bag resembles the many pumice-stone cabanas found on the island of Fogo, while the marbleized cork panels honor the creative flow of both Fogo’s Pico and its people. Feel confident in securely carrying the products of your own industrious nature in this home away from home.


Material Heritage:

This bag comes with its unique “100% Handmade” Certificate of Provenance

• Black satin nautical straps

• Volcanic rock accents from the Fogo caldera

• Marbelized Cork hand-crafted in Kißlegg, Germany

• Vibrant waxed-cotton interior lining from Kenya, Africa

• Embroidered black frog closure from Hong Kong, China

• 100% Portuguese Cork (Eco-Friendly Leather Alternative)

• Solid walnut Fogo collection tag engraved in Poland, United Kingdom 

FOGO | Volcano Hut- SOLD OUT

SKU: BV-05-1
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