MAR | Valencian Coy Back Sac 


Price: $1250.00


Multimedia Back Sac 


Dimensions: 12.5 "W x .75 "D x 10.75"H 


| Carnaval Da Vida | Collection: Mar


Mar | Endless Ocean of Wonders


Graceful > Deep


Mar is an ocean inspired collection. The ocean embodies so many wonders. As an inspiration it symbolically represents grace and magestic depth.


The Story Behind The Bag: This avant-garde back sac will make any attire playful and chic. Organically shaped with elegance, it is sourced world wide in hopes of bring the consumer a piece of whimsical luxury.


Material Heritage:

This bag come with a unique "100% Handmade" Certificate of Provence

• Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Accent 

• Elegant Fish Manipulation Embellishment 

• Vintage 1940 Texture Shank Toggle Button 

• Speckled Metallic Portuguese Cork Cording 

• Manipulated Scalloped Wave Piñatex (Ivory + Silver)

• Vibrant batik wax- cotton prints from Cabo Verde, Africa   

• Rare vintage traditional Valencian Silk from Valencia, Spain 

• Solid Walnut Mar Collection Tag Hand Crafted in Poland, United Kingdom

MAR | Valencian Koi Back Sac

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