Restoring, manipulating, and reworking a raw material is a form of art. Each design exploration commences with the quest to find the perfect balance of lines, folds, shapes, grains, textures, and finishes. The meticulous studies and numerous trial tests are the preface to a product creation process that requires precise attention to detail. Designer Ashley Alves skillfully performs each stage by hand: sketching, pattern drafting, dyeing, cutting, pricking, gluing, sewing, assembly, finishes... All Ashley Alves Collection models are created from start to finish in her atelier based in Paris, France. View the process below.

Numerous sketches are completed to identify the perfect silhouette and seamlines. 

Piñatex ( color and texture), a vegan leather alternative, is assigned to the newly designed model.


Accent fabrications are selected from our collection of world-sourced antique textiles.

Vintage solid brass hardware is collected to complete the look.

Design is finalized in dimension and pre-planned for motif application in a real-to-size  2D rendering. 

The pattern is made, and all pieces are cut for assembly.

An industrial Juki sewing machine is used to reinforce interior and exterior pieces as needed in the design. Also, any fabric manipulations needed in the design such as quilting, pleating, or puckering will be sewn as this time.

The model is adorned with vintage solid brass hardware and welded at points of connection for security.

The model undergoes traditional European Leatherworking techniques to preserve luxury aesthetic and exclusivity. 

Ashley Alves Collection is created with nature in mind.  We believe that nature, art, and fashion can come together to help restore the balance between our planet and humanity’s impact on it. Looking to the past, we redirect a future defined by sustainable luxury. Ethics matter to us, and this includes retelling the stories found in Old World fibers and treasures. Zero waste sustainability will ensure a brighter future. We continue to do our part, by reshaping the views of traditional fashion with our distinctive handbag silhouettes. We challenge the mold of modern luxury with our exclusivity. We are positive luxury on a mission to change the world one bag at a time, and most importantly, we are committed to making you sustainability timeless.






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