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Congratulations on acquiring your unique Ashley Alves Collection accessory. We are excited to share with you what makes your item so special.

What is my bag made from?


Ashley Alves Collection is committed to high quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. Each handbag is a one-of-a-kind mosaic of materials and cultural history. Ashley Alves hand sources vintage textiles, hardware accents, and innovative materials from markets in France, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Portugal, India, China, and Japan. Her source palette ranges from vibrant African wax fabric, 19th century French brocade, block print kimono, to volcanic rock, Portuguese marbleized cork, and Piñatex pineapple leaf fiber. An Ashley Alves Collection handbag is your very own work of art with a unique genealogy that will never be duplicated.



How is my handbag made?


Your handbag is handmade, one bag at a time. Designer Ashley Alves has sewn all Ashley Alves Collection products since its first season in 2015. Her Paris atelier maintains quality and ethical manufacturing through a small production set each season. Your purchase is literally a piece of art to wear, enjoy, and share with the world. 




How to care for your Ashley Alves Collection accessory


Maintenance, storage, and care all play a role in keeping your accessory looking fabulous. If you treat your accessory with care, we guarantee that you will be able to cherish it for a lifetime. Here are a few tips to ensure your accessory ages gracefully with you. 


• Your accessory has been moisture-proofed. However avoid close contact with the following:


Food and Drinks

Solvents (alcohol, acetone, nail polish, or perfume)

Prolonged Direct Sunlight


• If necessary, spot clean only with mild soap and water. Avoid corrosive cleansers and do not dry clean. 


• Properly store your handbag when not wearing. All Ashley Alves Collection handbags come with organic cotton dust bags. These dust bags are essential for keeping your handbags protected from dust, moisture, and continuous direct sunlight.




My item is damaged, what should I do?


Each Ashley Alves Collection accessory is a unique work of art. We guarantee our craftsmanship for a lifetime. In the unlikely event your accessory does not hold up under normal use, return it and we will repair or replace it with a comparable item. Simply send your request with supporting images to


Following evaluation, your request may be handled in one of two ways:


• Your accessory is damaged due to a construction defect: Repair or replacement and return shipping is complimentary. 


• Your accessory is damaged due to poor maintenance: We will provide you with a repair estimate, or you can simply choose to return it to us for a 5% ZeroWaste* shopping credit.


*As a ZeroWaste atelier, we believe in the value of recycling and up-cycling. If you choose to return your damaged accessory, we will honor 5% of its original retail price on your next purchase. We will send you all return information via email.

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