Image by Esther Wilhelmsson

For the Ashley Alves Collection, Mother Nature is Mother Nurture. The foundation of our design house is the Earth itself. We breathe into our designs five main elements: earth, water, air, fire, and ingenuity. Our mission is to restore the balance between Earth and humanity’s impact on it by reducing the ecological footprint and lessen future waste in the Luxury handbag sector of the fashion industry. Our ethos is embedded in every stage of the product development process from our raw materials selections to the presentation of our finished goods.


Each eco-luxury handbag is a nature-inspired creation that celebrates the seamless intermixing of textiles from the past with plant waste textile innovations of the now to eliminate waste in the future. This timeless trend is our specialty within the sustainable market. We use Piñatex®, a plant waste leather alternative, in conjunction with up-cycled antique materials to create our coveted sustainable handbags. Meticulously, we hand select world sourced antique textiles to ensure quality and authenticity.


We obsess over the culture-rich narratives found within the fibers of our treasures and use them to weave an intricate story of art, culture, and nature throughout the entire collection. Our antique textiles symbolize an era when the fashion industry flourished with celebrated textile artisans, all who mastered their craft with intense artistry, and we pay homage to those century-old textile artists by carrying their stories  into a new century. The richness found within these textiles awakens consumers to the greatness that once existed for the decadent elites of the past. With a focus on distinctive silhouettes, Ashley Alves Collection creates handbags that uniquely reshape the views of eco-luxury.

Ashley Alves Collection is created with nature in mind.  We believe that nature, art, and fashion can come together to help restore the balance between our planet and humanity’s impact on it. Looking to the past, we redirect a future defined by sustainable luxury. Ethics matter to us, and this includes retelling the stories found in Old World fibers and treasures. Zero waste sustainability will ensure a brighter future. We continue to do our part, by reshaping the views of traditional fashion with our distinctive handbag silhouettes. We challenge the mold of modern luxury with our exclusivity. We are positive luxury on a mission to change the world one bag at a time, and most importantly, we are committed to making you sustainability timeless.






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